Purchase a Home

One thing for certain is that the Real Estate market, both in the past and continuing into the future has, and will continue to experience highs and lows. It’s a cycle. Interest rates will likely go up and then likely go back down. Sometimes we’ll be in a buyers’ market and sometimes a sellers’ market. Home values, for the most part, should continue to rise. Sometimes, values might level off for a while, but the market usually corrects itself and the values, will again, begin to rise. And this is important, WHY? Because, 1) If your plan is to become a homeowner and create equity through your investment, you need to get on it. Throughout Tennessee, property values are increasing. Middle Tennessee, especially, is booming! Every day you wait to purchase your home will cost you money. The day you close on your new home, you have in essence, stopped the clock, and from that point forward, as values increase, the equity earned will be yours. And 2) Rates are at the lowest point they’ve been in many years. They’ve been down for so long that they will go up, probably sooner than later. Don’t miss out your opportunity to enjoy the lowest rates we’ve had in modern times and become a homeowner, so you too can build equity through home ownership.

Finance – Sometimes people might be ready to buy a home but are concerned about their ability to obtain financing. Maybe they’re Self Employed and can’t show enough income from a tax return, or maybe they’ve experienced some credit issues along the way and were denied a home loan. At New Castle Mortgage we specialize in home loans for people that fall outside of the traditional lending rules to help them get into a home. Call New Castle Mortgage today!